Lower Operating Costs & Drive ESG Solutions

C-PACE Financing funds building improvements and new construction for commercial real estate, repaid via ordinary property tax payments.

C-PACE Structure

C-PACE can fund up to 20-30% of the property value (as complete for new development).


Fully amortizing



The principal cannot accelerate

C-PACE LTV up to 30%

No loan documents or financial covenants

Obligation attaches to the property, not the owner

Repaid via the property tax bill

C-PACE Capabilities

Facilitate new construction

Alternate capital source to maximize balance sheet efficiencies & equity returns.

Reimburse capital from prior investments

Owners may utilize C-PACE to reimburse capital spent on eligible measures to invest in higher yield opportunities or enhance liquidity.

Drive sustainability & resiliency

Capital for seismic retrofit, energy generation, storage, and storm-proofing.

Lower operating expenses & occupancy costs

Funding for CapEx projects.

C-PACE Eligible Measures

The following grid is a sample and does not represent the full scope of all C-PACE eligible measures.

Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy


Resiliency - New
Build & Existing

Lighting & Controls

Solar PV & Thermal

Low Flow Fixtures

Seismic Upgrades

HVAC Systems


Low Flow Fixtures

Storm Proofing

Building Envelope &
Roof Replacement

Energy Storage

Rainwater Harvesting


Boilers & Hot Water

Cogeneration System

Grey Water Systems

Fire Resiliency

Elevator Systems

EV Charging Stations

Leak Detection & Repair

Bacteria & Virus

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