The go-to PACE solution for the Healthcare field

H-PACE™ provides easy access to affordable financing to fund your short and long-term capital budget requirements.

Save time, save money.

H-PACE™ offers enabling capital to healthcare providers to create healthier, safer and more efficient operating environments.

A loan agreement is not required.

No financial convenants.

No institutional guarantees.

Flexible Implementation

H-PACE™ financing provides a new source of funds to help hospitals manage their annual and long-term resources programs.

Fund Routine Annual and Long-Term CapEx Budgets

Provide supplemental funding to meet Capital Budget demands.

Facilitate New Construction

Alternate capital to supplement project sources of funds.

Reimbursement Opportunity for Prior Expenditures

Owners can utilize hPACE to reimburse themselves for prior capital expenditures and increase operating cash.

Renovation for Expansion, Conversion, Modernization

Capital for building enhancements, including creating flexible space.

Choose H-PACE™ before financing begins

More than 50% of any construction project and a wide array of large capital purchases can qualify for H-PACE™ financing.

  • Less expensive than traditional capital leasing
  • You own the assets from the date of acquisition
  • Reimburse prior qualifying expenditures

Specific H-PACE™ Use Cases

For Hospitals

H-PACE™ financing provides a new source of funds to help hospitals manage their
annual and long-term capital programs.

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For Senior Living

H-PACE™ financing helps senior housing operators acquire capital for eligible investments in senior housing communities.

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For Medical Office Buildings

H-PACE™ can help physicians, tenants, and MOB owners lower the cost of occupancy.

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We will assess your project or portfolio, confirm PACE eligibility, uncover the maximum amount of PACE financing available and provide general terms, structure, and the process to achieve a successful funding.

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