H-PACE™ for MOBs

H-PACE™ drastically improves capital access for tenant improvements in MOBs.

H-PACE™ Enables Tenant Improvements

Advances in medical practice and technology and a focus on quality healthcare outcomes at the Federal, State, and private insurer levels are driving a shift in care from inpatient to outpatient settings.

As demand for outpatient office care continues to rise, along with insurance payments that incentivize low-cost care settings, MOBs will continue to be an attractive option for physicians.

H-PACE™ financing can help physicians, tenants, and MOB owners lower the occupancy cost by providing tax assessment financing for tenant improvements (“TI”).

Since the TI will be repaid through special tax assessments and not in the base rent, there will be no rent escalation on the TI throughout the lease, resulting in thousands of dollars saved over the life of the lease.

To get started with H-PACE™, you can completed a PACE360™ Assessment where we review your CapEx budget or construction budget details at no cost to determine how much of your planned spending will qualify for H-PACE™ financing.

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