Life Sciences

We are on the verge of dramatic advances in the life sciences, a view that stems in part from recent breakthroughs in genetics. Our understanding of the human genome, and our ability to manipulate it using gene editing techniques, means we’re close to treating the genetic cause of diseases rather than just the symptoms.   In addition, life science has a growing tailwind from advances in other fields, including AI and big data, nanotechnology, bioengineering, robotics, and high throughput screening.

Life sciences have always required a significant investment in highly specialized facilities, including wet and dry lab space, temperature-controlled storage, specialized HVAC, aseptic production facilities, product agnostic cleanroom modules, adaptive manufacturing facilities, incubation chambers, vivariums, backup power, and hazardous material disposal, among many others.  

In order to secure funding for these ever-increasing capital needs, life science companies have traditionally turned to venture capital, debt, grants, royalty deals, licensing agreements and R&D pacts.  

GreenRock hPACE offers a totally new source of financing that will help you meet your capital needs. A unique form of assessment financing, GreenRock hPACE will often be your smartest and most cost-effective option for financing life science construction, renovation and capital expenditures.  GreenRock hPACE does not require a loan agreement and there are no financial covenants or institutional guarantees.  In many instances, hPACE is less expensive than traditional funding sources.  In our experience, more than 50% of any construction project and a wide array of large capital purchases can qualify for GreenRock hPACE financing.

Another benefit of hPACE is that it can be used to reimburse your firm for prior qualifying expenditures.  The funds received through this reimbursement program can be used for any working capital needs or other capex projects.

GreenRock will review your capex or construction budget details at no cost to determine how much of your planned spending will qualify for GreenRock hPACE financing.