The Premier PACE Solution

Our PACE360™  program provides a roadmap to successful financing.

How PACE360™ Works

PACE360™ provides you with a full spectrum of support, saving you time, providing efficient capital and ensuring successful execution of your project.

Phase One: Assess

We identify the best opportunities for PACE in all project types from individual buildings to full portfolios. We’ll work closely with you to define your financing needs and develop a plan to achieve your goals. Having worked in PACE since its inception we know what to ask and how to identify the best opportunities to leverage PACE into your project.

Phase Two: Engage

Since every project is different, structure matters. We engage all stakeholders throughout the process as we unlock the green value in your project. Our extensive real estate experience includes traditional commercial and healthcare PACE financing.

Phase Three: Fund

Beginning with standardization of credit and underwriting, we synchronize the entire funding process. We’ll communicate what is needed, when and why so you maintain a firm understanding of the process throughout the financing lifecycle.

Phase Four: Support

Our relationship doesn’t end at the closing. Depending on the type of project, we remain engaged throughout the disbursement process and beyond. Look at GreenRock as your partner in PACE for the life of the financing, supporting your business over the long term. We view your success as our success.

Your Partner in PACE

GreenRock delivers groundbreaking Green Capital financing that supports healthier buildings and ESG goals.

  • Lower costs
  • Flexible structuring
  • Smart green capital
  • Healthier buildings

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We will assess your project or portfolio, confirm PACE eligibility, uncover the maximum amount of PACE financing available and provide general terms, structure, and the process to achieve a successful funding.

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