Smart. Green. Capital.

For healthcare and commercial real estate.

New construction
Building improvements
Repositioning projects
Modernization projects
Ongoing capital expenditures

Book a complimentary PACE360™ Assessment.

Whatever your project, our simple and proven PACE360™ process allows you to access this new type of financing.

How we help

GreenRock provides simple, low-cost, flexible financing that supports your investments in:

New construction and building upgrades
Modernizing plant and equipment
Achieving ESG goals
Lowering operating costs

All while creating healthier spaces.

The PACE360™ Process

We begin by understanding your business needs. We then structure the best financing solution for you and your project. We work as an extension of your capital markets team, quarterbacking the entire C-PACE financing process.


Assess, evaluate and develop a roadmap to meet your needs.


Engage with stakeholders and structure terms.


Qualify, underwrite and fund your project.


Provide ongoing support post-closing.

Why GreenRock

Our team possesses deep domain experience in C-PACE, in healthcare and commercial real estate.  We are passionate and committed to supplying the best C-PACE solutions to our clients.

GreenRock is the sole provider of H-PACE™. A PACE solution solely for the healthcare sector.

GreenRock principals have closed over $250 million of C-PACE financing to date.

As pioneers in C-PACE, our PACE360  program is the product of decades of PACE experience.

Meet the Team

GreenRock is the culmination of our Principal’s collective vision. Leveraging our combined strengths and expertise in healthcare, structured finance, C-PACE and commercial real estate we strive to be the preeminent choice of building owners and developers looking to utilize C-PACE capital.

Chris Robbins | Managing Principal
Joe Euphrat | Managing Principal
Wilson Cheng | Principal
Bob Scannell | Principal
Michael O. Lincoln | Principal
Mitch Creem | Principal

GreenRock delivers groundbreaking Green Capital financing that supports healthier buildings and ESG goals.

Lower costs
Smart green capital
Flexible structuring
Healthier buildings

Frequently asked questions

What is C-PACE?
What is eligible for C-PACE?
What is the legal framework for C-PACE?
How should C-PACE liens be viewed?
What happens upon sale of the property?
Where is C-PACE available?
What is H-PACE™?
What does PACE360™ mean?
Can I use PACE if construction has started?

Get your complimentary PACE360™ Assessment

We offer an in-depth complimentary assessment to locate the areas that can be funded using PACE, thereby expediting and lower the cost of your initiatives.

Includes the following:

End-to-end review of your project
Program pre-approval
General terms and structure
Process and timeline for funding

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